Requirements, Ontologies and Software Evolution

In this page, artifacts related to the ROSE (Requirements, Ontologies and Software Evolution) research project are made available for the interested researcher. For more information, please contact prof. Vítor E. Silva Souza.

Artifacts related to the paper “GORO 2.0: Evolving an Ontology for Goal-Oriented Requirements Engineering”:

  • GORO 2.0 CQs: the complete set of Competency Questions for GORO 2.0;
  • GORO 2.0 Mapping: the complete mapping of GORO 2.0 concepts to constructs of GBRAM, GRL, GSN, i*, iStar, KAOS, NFR, Techne and Tropos;
  • nemo-ufes/gorotool: code repository for the GORE Conversion Tool based on GORO 2.0;
  • nemo-ufes/gorotool/wiki: wiki for the GORE Conversion Tool based on GORO 2.0, with instructions on how to use it.